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A 60 min, 1:1 call for the multi-passionate entrepreneur who has no idea how to tie all of their interests together or what makes them unique in a way that's clear, connectable, and captivating. 

You see… When you understand your birth chart (the map of the cosmos at the very moment you took your first breath), you receive insight from the cosmic instruction manual you came here with to discover and (more often) validate your passions, personality & potential, so you have the confidence, clarity, and conviction to showcase the work you came here to do.

1:1 Brand clarity based on your birth chart

Brand Clarity

FoUnder & LIFE Coach at Build Your Life Coaching Biz

Kelli helped me to find my voice and my vision in a way that no one else has helped me do before. 

-Krista Kathleen 

What you receive:
  • A detailed description of your brand's astrological avatar
  • USP (what makes you unique)
  • Your niche (who you're talking to)
  • Brand Bio + All of the words on your Homepage
  • The core problem you solve and the core benefit of your brand.
  • Website Map. A guided layout of how you are going to integrate your passions into clear offerings
  • Up to 3 rounds of edits
  • 3-day turnaround
  • 60 min strategy call

Cosmic Copy Foundation Package

The foundation for your brand's magnetic messaging. 


What you receive:
  • All of the words on a 13 section Sales Page
  • Avatar research to provide compelling copy
  • Three rounds of edits
  • Brand Questionnaire & Strategy Call
  • Seven day turn around time
  • Words on the Application Page (if needed)
  • Words on the Lead Magnet Page (if needed)
  • Words on the Lead Magnet Delivered Page (if needed)
  • Words on the Coming Soon Page (if needed)


For those with a signature course, membership, mastermind, or group program. 


Kelli completely captured my words and my vision and turned it into an incredible website and brand.

It was far better than I could have hoped for! Through the process she was so helpful, encouraging me to trust myself and my voice. She was in high touch answering my questions quickly, which felt supportive. And talk about quick- she created my top-of-the-line website so fast! 

-Rachel Germann

What feeling does your brand activate in those that interact with it?

let's connect


What you receive:
  • Includes your color palette with elements of your birth chart, 
  • Font pairings
  • 2 Word Mark logos (One primary & One Secondary)
  • A mock-up home page, so you know how to use the colors
  • One favicon (the little icon in the URL)
  • A 7-10 compressed stock photos with a pre-set
  • Custom Design Icons
  • A brand document with your brand's aesthetic ready to reference and/or hand over to team members
  • Up to 3 rounds of edits

Your brand's look. A.K.A: logo & brand design.

Brand identity

My site is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to go show it to the whole wide world! 

Kelli has always had a way with words, a creative vibe, and a vision for design but her true talent lies in listening to her clients, deciphering what they REALLY want and or actually need, and then creating a project that is SPOT on! 

-Abby Bliss White

What's Included:
  • 5-page Custom Showit or Squarespace website.
  • 5 Part Brand Assignment
  • Fast 5-day Design Process
  • Mobile & Desktop Design
  • 60 min Website training upon completion.
  • 30 min strategy call upon kick-off
  • Selected, compressed & curated stock photos.
  • Connection to newsletter platform, payment processor, calendar, CRM & social media
  • Domain Connection

custom website design

Squarespace and Showit custom website design. 


What you receive:
  • 5 Part Brand Assignment
  • Fast 5-day Design Process
  • 60 min Website training upon completion.
  • 30 min strategy call upon kick-off
  • Selected, compressed & curated stock photos.
  • Connection to newsletter platform, payment processor, calendar, CRM & social media
  • Domain Connection

template restyle

 Purchase one of Square Peg Studio’s Website templates  and have it customized to your brand's aesthetic. 


01. No, you don't need professional photos to begin.  I can put place holder images in and show you how to place your photos once you you receive them. 

02. Everything if you are a personal brand.  Essentially you are branding your inner essence and turning it into your outer expression.  Knowing your gifts, passions, personality, & purpose helps you to know you, so you know how to package you.  

03. I am intentional in my speed, so you feel accomplished and excited.  To keep projects moving quickly, I have a strict timeline, where we set your design date with two weeks reserved just for you.  There is deliberate prep work that keeps your project going swiftly & smoothly.

04. It's really a question between how much you need, how much you are looking to spend, and what your timeline.  Schedule a let's connect call here to further figure out your next right move.

05 Yes, that's an option.  If you already have brand identity (logo, colors, & font selection), I can use these elements to create a custom website in the design day offer.   

06. No, there are no payment plans.  With all of the brand design offers you pay a 35% non-refundable deposit upon committing to your project and the remaining 65% is due one day before your scheduled start date.  

Take quiz that combines the ancient wisdom of astrology and the modern methods of marketing to provide guidance on how to communicate your brand with ease, effectiveness, and efficiency. 

Your brand's astrological archetype