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Discover your most POTENT brand INTEL and how it has EVERYTHING to do with THE DAY you were BORN.

Your brand becomes MORE about your legacy and LESS about your logo.

Because potent brand alchemy occurs when...

You’ve done the ideal client exercises and pinned the inspirational images. You’ve spent many nights googling “what is a brand personality," “how to create a logo," or “tips for effective branding "  Your iNotes, and Google docs are filled with course, and Instagram post ideas, but you are STUCK.  So you stop showing up on your blog, newsletter, and Instagram.   

You know that thing where you're a breathwork facilitator, life coach, and you have a good thing going with that direct sales gig and you have no idea how to tie it all together, organize and position it in a way that feels clear to your clients and natural to you.

However, this business that you started from pure passion is sucking the life out of you.  

And once you understand this thumbprint, your website, Instagram posts, newsletters, and Tik Tok videos land in a way where YOUR people clearly UNDERSTAND what you do while feeling UNDERSTOOD.  Your birth chart allows you witness & contemplate yourself in ways that remain hidden because it's all  you know. 

In other words, It's really hard to confidently & clearly showcase yourself if you don't see yourself.  So as a personal brand the best place to start is in understanding yourself.

It's about YOU.   

Your brand is how you package yourself and your work. It’s your signature.

 It’s your thumbprint. It’s your smoke signal.  


Sooooo what in the name of Patricia, does ASTROLOGY  have to do with BRANDING ?!

Finding out my chart and its relation to my brand, who I am helping and how I’m doing it, gurrrrl, I am not lit on fire with excitement for my biz again! 

You helped to allow me to give myself permission to break the mold and act on my inner compass, permission to shake it up and follow my soul's path without it having to make sense to others- that that is my superpower!

-Jenni June


It starts with a 75-minute session that includes an astrology reading. Then I get to know you, your clients, and the problem your brand solves for. 

The astrology reading allows you to see your gifts, your passions, & your personality as it relates to the work you came here to do.

I'll go ahead and combine that information with where you aim to go to explain WHAT you do, WHOM you serve, and HOW you offer it. 

You walk away with clarity, certainty, and confidence in your brand, so you're no longer stuck in the land of doubt, despair, and indecision.  

The first place to begin on your branding journey


I have 26 pages of takeaways! I'm saturated with takeaways and keep returning to them as I continue integrating them. 

One of my biggest takeaways was a tip on how to write an 'about me' page. The tips I got make so much sense, yet I've never seen an 'about me’ page created like this before.

The hard thinking and weaving insights from astrology with my self-knowledge were done so I could completely drop into the presence and relax about needing to figure things out by myself.

This was my first branding experience (of three so far) where my personality was considered. I was the driver with all my complexities and facets versus my ever-changing interests or a specific project or product.

One needs a branding session like this only once. This can be viewed as an upside because the insights last. But I see the downside of it too, because it turned out to be so good that I could do more!

 Klara P

The QUIZ that combines the ancient wisdom of Astrology and modern marketing methods to provide guidance on how to communicate your brand with in an engaging way with ease and effectiveness.

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