If you're tired of spending the better part of a year trying to create your website, your logo, the words on your website, your offers, and/or your colors. 

It's time to ask for help. 


ou can't read the label from inside the bottle 

Branding yourself goes way beyond turning your name into a domain and decorating your website with your latest professional photos.

Personal branding is ALL about the energy you activate in those that interact with your brand. 

But first… to activate an intentional feeling in them, you MUST activate that feeling in YOU.  

And to activate it in you- you need to know yourself, so you trust yourself and understand how to showcase yourself.



Creating a personal brand is about so much more than being the face of your brand. 

of marinating in meh, because you have had ZERO sales and nobody has replied to your emails.

Gone are the days

of Google docs & iNotes filled with oodles of ideas that never see the light of day. 

Gone are the days

of sleuthing Linked In for corporate jobs you just left. 

Gone are the days

of posting pictures of your smoothie bowls with captions promoting worthiness on the random Tuesday you feel a zing of inspiration.  

Gone are the days

FoUnder & LIFE Coach at Build Your Life Coaching Biz

Kelli helped me to find my voice and my vision in a way that no one else has helped me do before. 

-Krista Kathleen 

There is no RIGHT  way to design a website, curate a color palette, master your messaging,  price your packages, or nail your niche.   

There is onlyYOUR way.  

So, instead of treating your brand like some external, elusive marketing tool dictated by the experts. 
Let's treat it like a VISION BOARD.   
A place to convey your inner essence as your outer expression

The place where you imagine yourself as the stand-out coach and you create from that place.  

How YOU see YOU informs how other do, too. 

As luck would have it... 

Branding is an ARTIST'S  journey.
It's about CREATING the person you're BECOMING.


  • Astrology Reading.
  • Brandy Clarity
  • Home, About, & Service Page Website Copy

We start with a 2-hour astrology reading and brand intel call where you download on me, all that is you.  The astrology reading allows you to see your gifts, your passions, & your personality as it relates to the work you came here to do.  We take that information and we clarify what you do, who you serve, what you offer, and what makes you unique.  Then I get to work writing your website copy.   

The first place to begin on your branding journey



  • Logo Design (Primary & Secondary) + Favicon & Icon Design
  • Color Palette, Image & Font Selection
  • 9-Page Showit Website Design 
  • Branded Social Media & Opt-in Templates 

Brand design is all things visual.  I take the intel collected in your brand strategy and create your logo, color palette, & brand icons.  After I have the brand identity, I go to work selecting stock photos & fonts, designing a Showit website, and creating social media templates based on the primary feeling your brand is aiming to ignite. 

The second stage of your branding journey


$3,000 for 3 months

  • Thought Work
  • Mentorship
  • Consistency
  • Content Creation

Weekly, 60 minute 1:1 coaching call to navigate the low-value thoughts creating stagnation, rumination, and self-judgment.  Through coaching & mentorship you learn how to  sell with confidence, certainty, and clarity.  In other words, you know your value, what makes you unique, and how to communicate it in an easy, enchanting, and engaging way. 

The third stop on your branding journey


Kelli completely captured my words and my vision and turned it into an incredible website and brand.

It was far better than I could have hoped for! Through the process she was so helpful, encouraging me to trust myself and my voice. She was in high touch answering my questions quickly, which felt supportive. And talk about quick- she created my top-of-the-line website so fast! 

-Rachel Germann

Discover your North Node Niche!
Discover your North Node Niche!
Discover your North Node Niche!
Discover your North Node Niche!
Discover your North Node Niche!
Discover your North Node Niche!
Discover your North Node Niche!
Discover your North Node Niche!
Discover your North Node Niche!
Discover your North Node Niche!

Your North Node is a marker of where you are headed and where you are coming from.

As a personal brand, our clients are the past version of ourselves. We've overcome something and experienced a transformation and now we want to help others do the same.

The problem is, we can't read the label from inside the bottle, so sometimes we have a hard time articulating and identifying what our experience and transformation are.

Our North Node is an amazing place to look for this intel. It spells out what your clients are struggling with and what result they are craving, so you have the perfect path to create content and offers from.

North Node Niche is a mini course that helps figure out what your North Node is (in case you don't know) and how to turn that knowledge into compelling content CONSISTENTLY.

The Mini Course 

North Node Niche