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STOP LETTING Being an entrepreneur take the life out of your life.  




I know you might not be that techy, know where to start in the branding process or have the time to research any of it.

I know you don't know what to post on Instagram because when you do, it's only liked by the same ten people (thank God for them), and it never looks very cohesive with the rest of your content, leaving you feeling less than professional.  

I know you're listening for your brand voice, but you need help to hear it, let alone use it to write in a clear, catchy, and connectable way.

I know you have multiple certifications, several intuitive gifts, many passion projects, and a love of DoTerra essential oils. However, you need help figuring out how to combine them all simply and succinctly.  

So there you sit with Google Docs & iNotes filled with ideas, quotes, and inspiration, with no idea where to start, leaving you trapped by the business path designed to set you free.

You're not alone, every entrepreneur struggles with encapsulating their essence in a marketable way. 



Every entrepreneur WISHES they had the expertise, money, and time to hire a designer, a team of assistants, and a world-class coach while setting up all the automated funnels and systems required to make more without doing more. 

Because... You cannot read the label from inside the bottle.

We're women doing business like men.  

I think it's time we start doing business like women.  

It's time to leverage our innate power of revering relationships to create the freedom and change that inspired this whole journey in the first place. 

We're not only at risk for burning out; we’re creating MORE of the SAME.

An era where women create income, impact, and innovation while nursing their babies, retiring their partners, and following their deepest desires. 

However, we’re also the multitasking maven…

Who empties the dishwasher as she listens to her latest course.
Who forgoes a night out in favor of answering emails.
Who stays up after everyone has gone to bed.
Who wakes before anyone rises.

As female entrepreneurs, we're in a new era.

The Imprisoned Entrepreneur…


The curriculum. The community. The coaching.
 For the exceptional FEMALE  entrepreneurs creating a PERSONAL brand and a PROFITABLE business
without sacrificing oodles of TIME  orMONEY. 

I've got your fix...

{Let's be real , you became an entrepreneur because you want more of both- not less}.

This just in...  You  get to build a personal brand that also enhances your personal life.  

What this translates to...

  • You get to hop off the never-ending content carousel.
  • The clients referred to you are spicy and more likely to be ideal with higher conversion.
  • You can stop stressing over your FB & Instagram ad budget & performance. 
  • You are building genuine relationships with women excited to support and share your latest offer. 
  • You have a community nurturing you through moments of self-doubt, self-discovery, and self-promotion. 
So I want to help more women leverage the power of genuine community, connection, and collaboration to create the income and impact they desire without sacrificing motherhood, friendships, partnerships, playfulness, or rest. Remember rest?!

 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase or engage in a business based on referrals.

My business is nearly 90% referral-based, which means I receive ideal clients already interested in working with me without doing one Instagram reel or FB live.  

And on the hard days when I feel overextended and undervalued, it’s the women I interact with on Instagram, WhatsApp, Mighty Networks, and Voxer that I can’t imagine walking away from.

My best friend and the person I’ve deemed as the person to contact for all passwords should I pass- does NOT live in this country. The kicker… I’ve never met my best friend in person. She found me in a FB community when the host of that community, another friend I met through another community, asked me to promote my business.

And I have data to back my experience up…

This ONE resource and reason is ... 
my relationships.  

After nearly 10 years as a copywriter, brand strategist, and website designer, I have taken several courses and consumed boatloads of free content in business strategy.

However, only ONE resource has proven to be my biggest business builder, which also happens to be the ONE reason I do not throw in the towel on my hard days (believe me, I’ve thought about it).    

Hey, I'm Kelli

Say no more, I'm in !

Relationships mean A LOT to me, and if we’re a good fit, they mean A LOT to you, too. 

No joke… One Facebook post, in the right group, about my business, created a waitlist.

I want this for you. That is why I created a container where self-promotion is encouraged. And not only self-promotion, but I want to promote you. 

I’m going to spotlight members, so Wendy-the-wallflower, there’s no hiding your genius. 

At the first of every month (starting in July) we are going to have a CONTENT COHORT CALL, where we gather on a zoom call for 2 hours to create our monthly marketing content. That means in one day, we create one month of content. 

On the third, Thursday of every month we have our MONTHLY MIXER for an hour over Zoom where we gather to get to know each other.

And for one hour, every week we have coaching + Q&A calls to address any coaching requests, tech tutorials, or design dilemmas, and have your website, copy, or birth chart reviewed.   

Basically, it's where DIY meets done-for-you  to guide you in creating an enchanting & engaging digital presence that is highly personal and profitable.  

Brand Aid Academy:  every course you've ever wanted simplified, inside of one Curriculum. ONE.

In other words, you will uncover your VISION and learn what tools (and how to use them) in order to execute it. 

You are also provided with design templates that do the heavy lifting for you, saving you TIME and MONEY, without sacrificing your great taste and unique style.  

  • Customize your Square Peg Studio Showit website template with your copy, fonts, colors, offers & images.
  • Connect your website to any external apps, online schedulers, or payment processors.
  • Connect your domain and set up your blog or podcast.


  • Write a captivating Instagram bio.
  • Set up Instagram highlights to work like a website.
  • Create pinned posts to work like a website.
  • Create branded graphics to go with content schedule.


  • Create an irresistible Opt-in.
  • Set your Instagram link tree. 
  • Set up a Coming Soon Page  + Opt-in.
  • Set up a Thank You Page + Opt-in delivered. 
  • Connect newsletter platform to website.
  • Connect online scheduler to Coming Soon Page.

Simply Set Up

  • Create your brand's color palette
  • Create your primary & secondary logo
  • Select your fonts & stock images.
  • Create any brand icons
  • Develop a brand board to house all brand assets. 
  • Set up your brand kit in Canva


  • Tips, tricks, & Tools to creating catchy + connectable copy.
  • Write your brand bio. 
  • Write your Home Page.
  • Write your About Page.
  • Map out your offers.
  • Create your content cauldrons for marketing.


  • Discover your brand's strategy.
  • Discover your ideal client avatar.
  • Discover the core problem you solve.
  • Discover the core solution you offer.


An overview of the courses inside the core curriculum*. 

*To be noted, courses will be added and updated over time. 

The Courses Within the Curriculum

It was great to have access to Kelli’s brilliant writing expertise, and I also loved the other ladies who happened to be in the class. 

I really enjoyed Crash Course Copy. It was great to have access to Kelli’s brilliant writing expertise, and I also loved the other ladies who happened to be in the class. Overall, this course was so inspiring and helpful. I accomplished a lot more than I thought I would! 

-Karianne Croy

Say no more, I'm in !

Color Palettes

Lead Magnet Templates

Mood Board Templates

Instagram Templates


The Canva Design Templates 

Each website template is FULLY customizeable and comes with a Wordpress blog for the drag & drop platform Showit (requires Showit subscription).

You have access to all 4 Square Peg Studio,  Showit website templates currently created and ALL FUTURE templates. There will be 12 in total.  One for each Astrological archetype. 

How it works: Choose a template, upload your content + customize everything easily with the guidance in the UNBOUND course and GO LIVE!

Each template is based on an astrological archetype. 

You also receive access to...

Your choice of a 12-Page Showit Website Template

I'm co-hosting my first retreat this summer and was able to build out a sales page for it all on my own. 

I just had to reach out and say Thank You for teaching me all the fun website things!
I'm co-hosting my first retreat this summer and was able to build out a sales page for it all on my own. It is so beautiful and I feel so so empowered and proud of it! We already had our first VIP register!
You are so lovely and I really enjoy your teaching style and how amazing you've been to work with.

-Realle Staples 


SAVE $1,500

6 x $475


6 x $725

PAYment plan

SAVE $1,500 + $350 (PIF Savings)





Not sure if this is right for you?

Early Adopter Pricing Ends On MONDAY, JUNE 19th.

For LIFETIME  Access to The Curriculum. The Community.  The Coaching

he Investment


FoUnder & LIFE Coach at Build Your Life Coaching Biz

 After taking Kelli's course - I feel empowered to design anything I want and it feels amazing! 

Before I took Kelli's course I was so frustrated with my site. I would spend hours on my website feeling lost and overwhelmed and not satisfied with my designs.

The story in my head was that I wasn't creative or tech savy enough to have a beautiful website. After taking Kelli's course - I feel empowered to design anything I want and it feels amazing!

I'm even thinking about helping other new coaches design their sales pages now because I feel like such a pro at it! I now share my website with confidence, as opposed to before I would cringe when someone would ask for my website info. Designing my website now feels like a creative release instead of a burden. 

-Krista Kathleen

01.  Absolutely.  Your brand goes way beyond your logo, colors & font.  That's MAYBE 5% of it.  Understanding who you are, how you serve, who you serve and how to confidently showcase all of it in a way that connects to your audience is a skill that is developed over time as you wrap your mind around magnificence, and your belief in creating any outcome you decide you desire.   It's about developing a self-concept that is foreign to you in the present moment, but available to you as you step toward it. 

02. Everything if you are a personal brand.  Essentially you are branding your inner essence and turning it into your outer expression.  Knowing your gifts, passions, personality, & purpose helps you to know you, so you know how to package you.  

03. No, but you do have access to all of my templates + guidance on how to create your brand board and customize any of Square Peg Studio's Showit website templates.  You also have the opportunity to have your website, logo, and copy reviewed  in the community to receive feedback and solutions. 

04. It is self-paced.  You could complete the course in as little as 1 month.  It's a great course to continue to come back to as you design, write and clarify.  

05 Absolutely!  Not everyone will use all of the assets provided in the mastermind.  Think of it more like Netflix, you choose what you you need based on where you are at. 

06. Nope,.  There is a module in the course guiding you in creating your offers.   You can also bring your offer/ offer suite, your niche, your copy, your tech troubles, your design questions, your doubts, your fears, etc... all to the calls  and community for support, clarity and confidence.  



There are Instagram templates designed for your highlights, Instastory, pinned posts, reel covers, and your weekly grid content.

Instagram Templates

Use these mood board templates as you are guided on selecting your colors, fonts, icons, and images so that you can easily design your logos.

Moodboard Templates

For those creating a downloadable PDF as their irresistible opt-in, here are four designs to deliver your freebie professionally.

Lead Magnet Templates

Each palette has hex codes assigned to each color, so you can easily plug them into your Canva and Showit website template.

Color Palette Templates