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Well, maybe you are, but you are the hand-churned variety topped with neon pink and mustard-colored sprinkles, served in a sage green, stoneware bowl with a matte-black spoon.   


You are not

I deeply care about your inner essence curating your outer expression.

Ultimately, I'm here to help you remember, recognize and revere who you are,  so creating a brand feels like freedom, fun and all thing feisty.

This is why... your website gets to be a work of art that pays homage to your legacy, your quirks, your heart, and your impeccable taste. 
Your website is much more than a functional tool to get you paid. It’s your altar, your journal, and your North Star.

In other words, it’s time to get paid for being you.


Your self-expression

what's actaully going on here...

Imma momma to one boy, one girl, and a three-legged dog. 

I think I like to move more than I like to stay. I grew up in Michigan. I lived in Phoenix, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and now Santa Cruz.

My Sun sign is Leo in the 12th house; my rising sign is Leo, and my moon is in Pisces. 

In other words... creativity and spirituality are what I live for.   

Which is why... I'm here to help entrepreneurs create clear, connectable, and cohesive brands through deeply understanding themselves, so they can effectively communicate their work in a way that is SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE, and SEXY.

passionate designer perpetually rebranding myself both figuratively and literally.

hey, I'm kelli

-Dani Cowan

Photographer // Life Designer // Philanthropist 

Like really getting to the root of WHY I do what I do and therefore who I can help, more specifically. You gave me a voice that I didn't really even know I had and someone it sounds totally like something I would say/ write. I was pleasantly surprised with how "me" it sounded, even coming from another completely different human who had only spoken with me for a matter of an hour or two. You are really the one who finally gave my business life because up until that point it was all just a bunch of jumbled ideas and passions in my head with no idea how to iterate what I wanted to do or who I could help in the process!
Seriously, thank you so much for your amazing work. I am thrilled that I worked with you and would do it all over again x 428405. The clarity and voice I gained through working with you is worth more than anything to me. I finally feel confident in putting out a website and breathing some real-life into this crazy idea. 

More than just having kick-ass copy, you helped me understand ME and my passions on a deeper level.

kind words

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