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Kelli Preston
May 10, 2022

What You Receive with the Custom Brand Identity Service

It can be confusing when you’re on a designer’s website and you don’t quite speak their language because you’re not a designer. Fair enough. So I thought I would showcase a recent custom brand identity service I did for a client to help clarify what’s involved in this offer.

First of all, with all of my clients, I get their birth date, birth time & birthplace, so I can look at their birth chart (a map of the cosmos at the very movement you entered earth-side). This map holds the keys to what makes you uniquely YOU.

Through interpreting this map I get a better idea of your personality, your potential, your passions, your purpose, your gifts, and your challenges. TO. NAME. A. FEW.

As someone who works with female entrepreneurs branding themselves (as in personal branding), it’s very informative to really see the person before I begin to design a brand that showcases them. That’s why we do Birth Chart Brand over here at Square Peg Studio. When you know yourself, you know how to communicate yourself to the people who are looking to receive your work in the way that you do it.

After I interpret a client’s birth chart, I then go through the Pinterest board they create based on what delights their eyeballs. I find the common threads between what they are aesthetically drawn to and what their brand’s astrological archetype is looking to communicate.

With these two crucial pieces of guidance, I then create a color palette, inspo images, font selection, icon selection, and two different logo designs that communicate their unique brand signature. After I have approval on the direction I’m headed, I then select 5-10 stock images that could be used on their website, social media, or any digital marketing platform, and I create a mock-up homepage, so the client can see how this brand board translates into a website. I create this mock-up website to reduce confusion because if you’re not a designer it can be hard to visualize what to do with these blocks of color and font selections.

Client Example:

Kaitly Ramsay (a Life Coach, Intuitive & Astrologer).

Kaitlyn is a…

Leo Sun (your personality).

Cancer Rising (where your Soul is headed).

Libra Moon (your emotional body).

North Node Sagittarius (A HUGE indicator in branding).

Through these aspects + other prominent signatures in her chart, I created a cosmic color that spoke to her love of freedom, travel + rebellion; fused with her intuitive, empathetic, and sensitive disposition. I kept thinking of soft, and warm colors with a hint of cool.

I also knew her brand would not be beige or minimal, but rather passionate and innovative.

Then I saw Kaitlyn’s inspo images, see below:

Her inspo images perfectly spoke to the cosmic color story I was looking to tell. See her Moon Board (A.k.a the brand board with the color palette, logos, font selections & brand icons)

After Kaitlyn signed off on my vision I then collected stock images that could be used to speak to her brand/s story. For each Image I gather, I compress it (to ensure it’s web-ready)and sometimes I put a pre-set on the image to ensure a cohesive look.

See the images below.

After I have the images, create they mock-up website for the client to see the Moon Boards translated to their digital real estate.

Sooooo if you are looking to have your custom cosmic color story told, be sure to apply here.

Here’s to your Queendome,




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