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Kelli Preston
May 10, 2022

What The Heck is an Astrological Archetype?!!!

One of the very first places I start with anyone looking to create a captivating & connectable brand is identifying their brand’s archetype.   

If that sentence just confused you… hang with me for a minute. 

What the heck is an archetype?  An archetype is a set of patterns & behaviors observed in humanity to form recognizable & relatable characteristics.   

Ummm a compelling brand is first and foremost RELATABLE. 

Carl Jung (the famous Swiss Psychologist & Psychoanalyst) determined that there are 12 archetypes that explain our human motivations and therefore our personalities. 

Most of the time we have a dominant archetype that informs the way we operate in the world.   Ummm a compelling brand is relatable through speaking to motivations and personal realities. 

Carl Jung was also a huge advocate for astrology.  After reading the definition of Jung’s 12 archetypes, I believe they match up perfectly with the 12 Zodiac signs.  

We all have a birth chart that is based on what was happening in the sky at the very moment we took our first breath. This chart is sprinkled with intel that informs how we do life.  

If you know nothing about astrology, I can understand how this feels like crazy talk, but I assure you it’s not. There is a position on your birth chart that indicates the personality/ tendency that feels the most relatable & comfortable.  This position also indicates the opposite, which is, of course, is your growth edge and your path to your most enlightened self. NBD.   

Most of the time our clients are the past version of ourselves.  They often represent where we have been and where we are headed-  ummmm that sounds like this very point on your birth chart.  See where I’m going here?!! 

So I’ve started to use this very point as a point of reference when looking at a brand’s feel, offers, and copy as a way to create a boundary in creating a connectable, captivating, and CLEAR copy, design, and VIBE. 

In fact, it’s the very point I used to determine my entire for Square Peg Studio (including the name) and I’ve never had as many comments that say “THIS IS A VIBE” or “I FEEL WHAT YOU’RE SAYING HERE” as I do since my re-brand.   I tapped into a part of my audience that feels so relatable and relevant simply by acknowledging this particular aspect of my chart.   

You guys our birth charts truly hold so much workable wisdom that creates more ease and satisfaction in our lives.  

Sooo if you’re interested in figuring out your brand’s astrological archetype, I’ve got you covered, head over here to take the quiz that guides to just that.

Here’s to your Queendome,


Discovering your brand’s Astrological Archetype




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