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Kelli Preston
August 10, 2022

What Does Your Website Say About Your Self-Image?

I turned 42 on July 31st, and as a birthday present, I joined Tonya Leigh’s The School of Self Image. I never thought this would be something I would be into, but after hearing Tonya speak on several different podcasts, I heard one line that really spoke to me … “you can only create to the edge of your self-image.”

In other words, who you think you are is who you will become. The problem is that most of us do not think that highly of ourselves. And we use our outer reality to confirm our internal narrative, so our thoughts no longer feel like mere thoughts; they feel like significant TRUTHS. 

The way we dress, the way we move, the way we style our home, the way we keep our house, the way we speak, the way we purchase, all of it is telling a story about us to us. 

I started to think about this as it relates to branding and website design.

What story are you telling yourself if your website feels homegrown, disorganized, and outdated?

For me (I realize I’m biased), the minute my offers change, or I feel a new direction in the value I bring to my clients, I go straight to my website. I organize. I decorate. And most importantly, I connect to the energy I’m looking to activate in the people interacting with it.

And guess what this does… 

It increases confidence & clarity in me, which captivates and connects to the people I can best serve, so the value of a website that allows me to show up as the woman I desire to be is INVALUABLE.

So my question to you… 

Does your website confirm an outdated story of you, or does it lead to the creation of the woman you are becoming?

If your answer is the former, I have solutions to help you build a beautiful brand that does not break the bank.

Last month I launched two- 12 Page Showit website templates: SCORPIO & ARIES.

And today, I am launching CANCER (another 12-page Showit website template).  

As you can probably see, these templates resemble the astrological archetypes.

Cancer is a friendly, minimal, modern website for the empathetic, embodied coach, creative, consultant, or healer. 

I know I’m not supposed to have a favorite, but this template is my favorite.      

I now offer VIP days for those who want me to customize their template for them. Essentially you get me for 6 hours to create the most impactful changes on your website to reflect your brand for $875.  

So potentially, you could have a customized website in a day for under $2,000. Compared to my fully customized packages ranging from $5,300-$8,000, which are now retired because the former option is SUCH A NO BRAINER.

Here’s to a digital presence that creates irresistible resonance,




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