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Kelli Preston
April 27, 2022

Welcome to Square Peg Studio!

For those who don’t know me…
Hey, I’m Kelli (Founder & Creative Director) here at Square Peg.   Before Square Peg Studio you could find me over at Hey, I’m Kelli doing very similar things, with a brand that didn’t quite feel right.
Nearly 5 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a very clear idea of who I’m serving.  I wrote a long iNote to her at 3 am that began with…
Well maybe you are, but you are the hand-churned variety topped with neon pink and mustard-colored sprinkles, served in sage green, stoneware bowl with a matte black spoon.
In other words,  if you’re going to do vanilla, it’s going to be done YOUR way.  It’s going to be artisanal.
I’m serving the square pegs.  The ones who don’t fit in.
I’m serving the ones who are craving to color outside the lines but have not found the clarity or confidence to really know what that looks like.
I’m serving the ones who love a rule only because they love the thrill of breaking one.
I’m serving the ones who are tired of apologizing for all that they are NOT and ready to start anointing all that they ARE.
I know you are not vanilla because neither am I and I believe that our ideal clients are the past & future versions of ourselves.
Do you know what’s really cool?!!  There is a placement on our birth charts that indicates this archetype of who we are and who we are becoming.
This VERY archetype is who I built Square Peg for, and once I Identified this archetype creating content through both the look and the words for my brand has been SO. MUCH. EASIER.
This idea of archetypes is a game-changer as it provides the guard rails and direction for creating a brand that’s cohesive, clear, and captivating.   So what’s an archetype?!! Well, that’s a conversation I’m going to have with you in a later post, but for now – know that I created a quiz to help you identify your brand’s Astrological Archetype.
So for those that are lost, stuck, overwhelmed, or battling burnt out, take the Astrological Archetype Quiz to uncover more about your offers and your messaging to effortlessly attract the people you’re here to serve in a way that fills you up.
Because… you cannot read the label from inside the bottle.
Here’s to you knowing you,




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