The 12-month branding academy for coaches and creatives looking to create a personal brand.






Branding yourself goes way beyond turning your name into a domain and decorating your website with your latest professional photos.

Personal branding is ALL about the energy you activate in those that interact with your brand. 

But first… to activate an intentional feeling in them, you MUST activate that feeling in YOU.  

And to activate it in you- you need to know yourself, so you trust yourself and understand how to showcase yourself.



Creating a personal brand is about so much more than being the face of your brand. 

of marinating in meh, because you have had ZERO sales and nobody has replied to your emails.

Gone are the days

of Google docs & iNotes filled with oodles of ideas that never see the light of day. 

Gone are the days

of sleuthing Linked In for corporate jobs you just left. 

Gone are the days

of posting pictures of your smoothie bowls with captions promoting worthiness on the random Tuesday you feel a zing of inspiration.  

Gone are the days

you start treating your brand like a VISION BOARD. 

A place to convey your inner essence as your outer expression. The place where you imagine yourself as the sold-out coach and sought-after creative and you create from THAT place. 


Today is the day

How YOU see YOU informs how others do, too. 

You get to have a bitchin' brand that will not cost you oodles of MONEY you have not made yet, and oodles of TIME sleuthing YouTube, FB groups, and good ole' Google on how to set-up and deliver your downloadable free PDF.  

Not to mention, you will have the highly valuable (because money + time-saving) skills of knowing how to create gorgeous graphics in Canva, write compelling copy, whip up a Sale's Page the minute the BRILLIANT idea drops into your brain. 

Where DIY meets done-for-you  to create a bespoke branding experience. 

the UNBOUND way..

In other words...

compelling copy


website DESIGN

GORGEOUS graphics

engaging emails

logo creation

In the Unbound  curriculum, you will uncover your VISION and learn what tools (and how to use them) in order to execute it.  Think...

REFERRAL opportunities

tech troubleshooting

WEBSITE audits


birth chart readings

mindset coaching

Through the Unbound  community, it’s about support, coaching and mentorship.  Think...

Each website template is FULLY customizeable and comes with a Wordpress blog for the drag & drop platform Showit (requires Showit subscription).

You have access to all 4 Square Peg Studio,  Showit website templates currently created and ALL FUTURE templates. There will be 12 in total.  One for each Astrological archetype. 

How it works: Choose a template, upload your content + customize everything easily with the guidance in the UNBOUND course and GO LIVE!

Each template is based on an astrological archetype. 

You also receive access to...

ALL of Square Peg Studio's  Showit Website Templates

You receive the coaching,  mentorship  & support,  that creates the continuous accountability, certainty, confidence, and connection necessary to keep you out of doubt, despair, and indecision.  

And the BEST part of the TWELVE-  month ACADEMY 

You get A LOT of done-for-you design help or A LITTLE depending on your preferences.  There are Showit website templates, color palettes, social media templates, and brand board templates available for you to just plug in your info and make YOURS in minutes.  And for those that want to customize more of their brand, but still want guidance you can submit your brand board, logo, copy, and website for review.  AND there is a whole curriculum of how-to videos guiding you from logo to launch.    


Because everyone is in different phases of their branding journey, some people have a logo, some people have a niche, some people have no idea what a brand is.  You will be met where you are and supported as you grow.  It's a 12-month academy because that's enough time for you to run into overwhelm, self-sabotage, tech tornadoes, and design disasters all while having a mentor, coach, community and curriculum to turn to on the day you punt your computer out the window.   


First you schedule a 1:1 ONBOARDING call,  where we kick off your UNBOUND journey by clarifying the best place for YOU to start, and what your next action steps are the best way for YOU to be supported. This is also a chance to ask ANY questions you have about your birth chart (should you be curious).


o what makes it bespoke?


FoUnder & LIFE Coach at Build Your Life Coaching Biz

Kelli helped me to find my voice and my vision in a way that no one else has helped me do before. 

-Krista Kathleen 

Access to the UNBOUND signature course guiding you through the journey of creating an enchanting and engaging personal brand.  

Signature Course

Access to a library of Canva templates to make creating your opt-in, Instagram, or Instastory graphics on brand and in record time.  

Canva Templates

Access to ALL of Square Peg Studio's Showit  Website Templates.   Peek all of them here.  

Website Templates

A private community (not on Facebook) to bring questions, coaching requests, tech troubles, celebrations, and support on the daily.   

Private Community

A 60 min 1:1 ONBOARDING call. 60-min weekly group coaching, mentorship, and/ or astrology readings to provide insight, clarity and confidence as you step into your next level self, plus address any tech, copy, or design questions

Coaching  & Mentorship

What you receive inside the course & community.

serving up

Kelli completely captured my words and my vision and turned it into an incredible website and brand.

It was far better than I could have hoped for! Through the process she was so helpful, encouraging me to trust myself and my voice. She was in high touch answering my questions quickly, which felt supportive. And talk about quick- she created my top-of-the-line website so fast! 

-Rachel Germann

6 x $725

PAYment plan

SAVE $350 + receive a 1:1 Call



he Investment


Not sure if this is right for you?



Receive a 60 min 1:1 birth chart reading or a coaching/ mentorship call to use whenever you need extra eyes on your business, birth chart, or brain.

When you pay in full, you receive a complimentary, 1:1 calls with me (a $325 value).  


01.  Absolutely.  Your brand goes way beyond your logo, colors & font.  That's MAYBE 5% of it.  Understanding who you are, how you serve, who you serve and how to confidently showcase all of it in a way that connects to your audience is a skill that is developed over time as you wrap your mind around magnificence, and your belief in creating any outcome you decide you desire.   It's about developing a self-concept that is foreign to you in the present moment, but available to you as you step toward it. 

02. Everything if you are a personal brand.  Essentially you are branding your inner essence and turning it into your outer expression.  Knowing your gifts, passions, personality, & purpose helps you to know you, so you know how to package you.  

03. No, but you do have access to all of my templates + guidance on how to create your brand board and customize any of Square Peg Studio's Showit website templates.  You also have the opportunity to have your website, logo, and copy reviewed  in the community to receive feedback and solutions. 

04. It is self-paced.  You could complete the course in as little as 1 month.  It's a great course to continue to come back to as you design, write and clarify.  

05 Absolutely!  Not everyone will use all of the assets provided in the mastermind.  Think of it more like Netflix, you choose what you you need based on where you are at. 

06. Nope,.  There is a module in the course guiding you in creating your offers.   You can also bring your offer/ offer suite, your niche, your copy, your tech troubles, your design questions, your doubts, your fears, etc... all to the calls  and community for support, clarity and confidence.