Create a brand that's a work of HEART.


Combining Astrology, Human Design, Coaching, and modern marketing methods in a way that clears out indecision and ushers in illumination.  

When you are CONNECTED to your brand, people are CAPTIVATED by your business.



For the past 10+ years, I’ve professionally designed websites, written content, and offered brand clarity services to coaches looking to create a personal brand. 

However, my certification from The Life Coaching School and my personal experience changed how I saw branding. 

Despite having an eye for design, knowing how to write marketing copy, and navigating tech confidently, I often felt immobilized with indecision, doubt, and debt in my business.

I spent hours ruminating on my offers, niche, pricing, branding, and CLOSING IT ALL DOWN. And I almost did close it down. SEVERAL times. 

In the midst of my mental meltdown, I heard my coach say, that most businesses will fail because the people running them will give up.  That's when I realized the gap in traditional branding offers.

You see… If you’re not personally developing mental fortitude, then your professional dream will die with the inevitable adversity required to achieve the success you’re ultimately craving.

In other words, the outcome you’re chasing WILL involve what you’re avoiding, and nothing could feel more unnatural and unsafe to your brain, so a luxe logo and a sleek sales funnel will only get you so far. 

Join me as I reveal a new approach to personal branding. One where your personal branding and development go hand-in-hand.

Hey, I'm KELLI

Coach, astrologer, digital designer, copywriter, and mentor

Let's brand together!

If you're the coach who has oodles of passions, talents, education, and tools, but NO IDEA how to tie it all together, organize and position it in a way that feels clear to your clients and natural to you this is your starting point. 

Clearly seeing yourself through the lens of your Birth Chart, Human Design Chart, and Gene Keys offers potent brand intel, direction, and confidence needed to create an INFLUENCEIAL brand.  

Done-for-you brand clarity.


The comprehensive personal branding program that takes coaches from logo to launch in a way that does not cost oodles of time, energy, or money they have yet to make. 

Done-with-you brand design and development. 

-Dani Cowan

Photographer // Life Designer // Philanthropist 

Like really getting to the root of WHY I do what I do and therefore who I can help, more specifically. You gave me a voice that I didn't really even know I had and someone it sounds totally like something I would say/ write. I was pleasantly surprised with how "me" it sounded, even coming from another completely different human who had only spoken with me for a matter of an hour or two. You are really the one who finally gave my business life because up until that point it was all just a bunch of jumbled ideas and passions in my head with no idea how to iterate what I wanted to do or who I could help in the process!

The clarity and voice I gained through working with you is worth more than anything to me. I finally feel confident in putting out a website and breathing some real-life into this crazy idea. 

kind words

More than just having kick-ass copy, you helped me understand ME and my passions on a deeper level.

To Brand oR NOt to Brand.